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Frequently Asked Questions

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What's Changed?

  • The Source Website has changed. What's new?
    • The website looks a bit different, but we still offer the same great products and the same great service!
    • There is a new Special Item request form available off the 'My Account' tab.
    • Item availability will be visible on our new website. Remember to contact us if you don't find what you are looking for.
    • New special values section
  • What do I need to do?
    • You will need to update your password from the generic password provided to you. Click the 'My Account' dropdown and Select 'Profile' to update your password.
    • Your Credit Card information will need to be re-entered on the checkout screen when you place your first order. You will also need to fill in your email address, and click the 'Save' button. You can contact Source at any time if you have questions during this process by calling 1.800.980.8010 or by emailing CSRs@SourceOT.com
    • Our new website will allow you to search on the history of your orders placed in the new site. For historical info please contact your Source representative, or you can contact customer service at Source by calling 1.800.980.8010 or by emailing CSRs@SourceOT.com
  • Special settings?
    • If you have saved favorites on the old site these will automatically be transferred to our new website.
    • Reports are available to administrators and are sent to you via email from our system. Reports include Accounts Payable and usage information.
    • Budgets and approvals settings are still in place. Note a similar alert for orders needing approval displays at the top of the screen upon login.
    • Copy service and managed print customers will be prompted to access their printer account, similar to the prior site.
    • On our previous website, you may have used the same email with different passwords in order to access different accounts. Now, you will able to login with the same email and password and pick accounts from within the website.

Creating and Managing your Account

  • You have a 'Browse as Guest' option. Why should I create an account?
    You will not be able to place orders as a guest. We can also better assist you with a customized experience.
  • What's the difference between the 'Become a Customer' button and the 'Request a Login' button?
    If your organization already has an account with us, you can use the 'Request a Login' button to receive a login and begin shopping. If you do not have an account with us, click 'Become a Customer' to start the process.
  • How do I register for an account?
    1. Click the blue 'Login' button on the top right hand of the screen.
    2. Select 'Request a Login' and fill out all fields with an * and select 'Submit'
  • How do I setup a Service account?
    You will need to talk to a representative in order to get a Service account setup. You can contact Source by calling 1.800.980.8010 or by emailing CSRs@SourceOT.com
  • What if I forgot my password?
    1. Click the blue 'Login' button on the top right hand of the screen.
    2. Click the 'Lost password' tab.
    3. You will be prompted to enter your email address to recover your password.
  • How do I change my password?
    1. Click 'My Account' and then Profile
    2. Fill in 'New Password' and 'Confirm Password'
    3. Click 'Submit Changes'
  • How do I add a new favorites list?
    1. From the 'My Account' dropdown, select 'My Favorites.'
    2. Add to Favorites by typing in the 'Add New Favorites List' and selecting 'Add List.'
  • How do I add a new favorite?
    To add an item to your favorites, simply click the favorites icon:

  • I have a favorites list that I didn't add, where did it come from?
    Administrators can add favorites and special contracts may also be created as favorites lists.
  • How do I update my email or phone number?
    1. You can update your email or phone number information by clicking the 'My Account' dropdown, and selecting 'Profile'
    2. Update any information from the 'My Account' page and click 'Submit Changes'
  • How do I update/add my credit card information?
    You can add or update credit card information from the shopping cart checkout screen. All fields with an asterisk are required. You will also need to check the 'By Credit Card' option rather than the 'On Account' option, which is the other method of acceptable payment. You may save the card for future use by check the 'Save This Card' box.
    You can choose from different credit cards that you have saved in the past from the 'New Credit Card' dropdown.
  • Can I modify my Ship To or Department on the website?
    For all questions about your Ship To's or departments please contact your rep or customer service by calling 1.800.980.8010 or by emailing CSRs@SourceOT.com
  • Can I use 'Remember Me' to save my login information?
    The browser extension, Remember Me, is compatible with www.sourceot.com. To enable 'Remember Me' from your browser settings, choose 'Extensions' and search for 'Remember Me.' Once added, you should see the 'Remember Me' icon in your browser where you can verify it is active:
  • Can I edit Company Favorites?
    If you are an administrator, you can edit company favorites via the edit favorites window. However, some company favorites may be "read only" as they are built from a contract and only change to update for price modifications. If a favorites list is "read only" administrators will not be able to edit.
  • How do I add favorites to different department lists?
    1. Click 'My Account' and select 'Change Ship To' and select the department from the department list for which you wish to add favorites.
    2. From 'My Account' select 'My Favorites.'
    3. Click on the favorites list for the department you wish to modify. From this window you may also add items directly:
  • I don't see my favorites list?
    Make sure you are in the correct department that is associated with your favorites list. To switch to a different department, click 'My Account' and select 'Change Ship To.'
  • Will my shopping cart automatically save?
    1. Save items for future orders by clicking the 'Save Cart' icon
    2. Name the cart by clicking in the 'Save to cart' field, and then clicking the 'Save Cart' button
    Note: you will not be able to view your shopping cart if you are attempting to view it from a different machine. If you leave without saving your shopping cart you will receive a warning message prompting you to save your cart so that it will not be lost for later use.

Placing My Orders

  • What is the basic process for placing my order?
    1. Use the dropdown tabs to search for products.
    2. Each dropdown provides you with options to select specific types of products.
    3. Take note of any icons and availability before clicking 'Add to Cart' and continuing to checkout.
  • Can I make my purchase from my Smartphone or Tablet?
    Yes, the site is fully functional for your Smartphone or Tablet.
  • How do I view my shopping cart?
    You can view your shopping cart at any time by clicking on the 'View Cart' icon on the right hand side of the screen. The number of items currently in your shopping cart, as well as your total, will also display in the upper right side of the screen.
  • How do I edit my shopping cart?
    1. Edit the items in your shopping cart by clicking in the 'Qty' field of your cart and entering a new quantity. Then select 'Update Cart.'
    2. You can also delete your entire cart by selecting the 'Delete Cart' button.
  • How do I place an order from my favorites?
    1. From the 'My Accounts' dropdown menu, select 'My Favorites.'
    2. Your favorites list will appear and you will be able to select a particular Favorites list.
    3. You will then have the option to select the item and add the favorite to your shopping cart: You will then have the option to select the item and add the favorite to your shopping cart, or select 'Add All Favorites to Cart' if you want to add an entire favorites list to your order.
  • Can I save an item in my shopping cart to order later?
    1. You can save items for future orders by clicking the 'Save Cart' icon.
    2. You can name the cart by clicking in the 'Save to cart' field, and then clicking the 'Save Cart' button.
    3. View your saved carts by clicking the 'View' icon. You can also select the 'Use' icon to open the cart. The following warning may appear:
    4. Once you select 'Use' and press 'OK', your saved cart will once again appear in your shopping cart. You can update your cart and save it once again, or checkout. Note that you will not be able to view your shopping cart if you are attempting to view it from a different machine.
  • What are accepted payment methods?
    Credit cards and account orders are both accepted by Source.
  • Are different viewing options available when searching for items?
    1. You can change your viewing options by clicking on the horizontal view icon.
    2. You can select different viewing options by clicking the 'Sort By' dropdown.
  • Is there a way to compare similar items?
    1. To compare items, first select the items you wish to compare.
    2. Next, click the 'Compare Checked Items' tab to view a side-by-side comparison.
  • What's the easiest way to order ink or toner?
    Click the ink and toner icon shown below, or, from the 'My Account' dropdown, select 'Ink and Toner Finder.' You will then be able to select from popular manufacturers, or search for other manufacturers. Once you select a specific manufacturer, you will then be able to select from the following specific options to find your item:
  • How do I get my empty cartridges picked up?
    You can fill in the number of empty cartridges for pickup during checkout and click 'Add'.
  • Can I still order from the HON on Demand Store on-line?
    Yes. To view items available on HON you can click the HON icon. If you do not see the HON icon, contact your customer service rep or customer service by calling 1.800.980.8010 or by emailing CSRs@SourceOT.com
  • What if I don't see the item I'm looking for?
    One of the features of the website you may want to try is the 'Keyword Search' feature from the home page.
  • My furniture item is labeled 'Some Assembly Required,' what does that mean?
    If you see the 'Some Assembly Required' icon on a particular item and wish to find out more information about the assembly or delivery details, first, click the item for more information.
    View product information below the Product Detail tab after you select the item.
  • How do I request a quote for a Special Item?
    You can request a quote for a Special Item by selecting the 'My Account' dropdown and clicking 'Special Item Request.' You will then need to fill out the Special Item Quote Request form. You may also contact your rep or customer service by calling 1.800.980.8010 or by emailing CSRs@SourceOT.com
  • Can I still place my order by telephone?
    Absolutely! Our customer service and account reps are ready to assist with any needs. You can contact Source by calling 1.800.980.8010 or by emailing CSRs@SourceOT.com

Tracking My Orders

  • How do I know my order has been placed successfully?
    You will receive an order confirmation number and you should also see the order in your Order History.
  • How do I track my order?
    1. Orders placed in the new website will be visible from the 'My Account' tab, select 'Order History/Returns.'
    2. You can search for specific orders by filling in the 'Order No.', 'Item No.', or 'PO' fields.
    3. You can also select the 'Only Show Orders in Approval Process' checkbox, or the 'Only Shipped Orders' checkbox and then click the 'View Orders' button.
  • How will I know once my order has shipped?
    1. You can view your order history and the status of your orders from the 'My Account' tab.
    2. The Status of the Order Number will read 'Shipped.'

Changing My Ship To

  • How do I change to another ship to when placing an order?
    1. You can change your Ship To by selecting 'Change Ship To' from the 'My Account' tab.
    2. The following message may appear because availability and other order details may be different:
    3. You will then be able to select the Department and alternate Ship To you would like to use.

Order Availability

Canceling My Orders

Order Returns and Refunds

  • What is your return policy?
    Source Office & Technology wants you to be satisfied with your purchase so we maintain an easy and hassle-free return policy.

    Most unopened items in new condition returned within 45 days will receive a credit or exchange. Requests for returns can be made through customer service, online live help or processed on the Source Office & Technology website. Please be able to furnish the ticket or invoice number to ensure prompt handling. Product must be in its original packaging, unopened, unmarked, sealed and ready for pick up. Returned merchandise will only be accepted for pick up if a Source employed driver has a pick-up ticket that was generated by a return request. Please do not write any information or adhere any label on the manufacturers' boxes.

    We assume no obligation to accept merchandise for credit after 45 days from date of invoice. Source Office & Technology will only issue credit for returned merchandise if the product is in resalable condition. Credit will be issued following inspection and acceptance of returned merchandise.

    For UPS, FedEx, or Common Carrier Returns, lease indicate any product and carton damage on the freight bill immediately, if possible. Please follow the steps outlined in "ALL RETURNS" and an email will be sent including a return label with instructions. Products will be verified, inspected and processed upon arrival back to our returns department. Please do not write any information or adhere any label on the manufacturers' boxes.
  • What if my product is damaged or defective?
    Damaged merchandise must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise. An exact description of the damage should be included on the return request.

    Defective merchandise must also be reported within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise. Some electronic & furniture merchandise are only covered by the manufacturer's warranty and may need to be handled directly with the manufacturer.
  • What if I didn't get what I ordered?
    Shortages, Mis-fills, and Overages must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise with a brief description of the error. Please include the original ticket or invoice number on which the error occurred.

    If you receive any product that does not belong to you, please notify our customer service department within 48 hours. A delivery pick up ticket is needed.
  • Are there products I can't return?
    There are some items that are not returnable regardless of condition or original packaging.
    • Discontinued items, dated goods from the year prior, some maintenance kits for printers
    • Hazardous materials (Floor stripper, certain liquids, certain toners, and sanitizers)
    • Pharmaceutical items (examination gloves, first aid equipment, pain relievers, disinfectant wipes etc.)
    • Food & Beverages (all types, juice, coffee, sugar, creamer, snacks, soda, etc.)
    • Some electronics
    • Special orders, custom orders, & printed items
  • How do I return an item on the web?
    You may return an item once it has been invoiced by selecting 'Order History / Returns' from the 'My Account' menu dropdown. If your order is still in process you can call customer service to cancel the order by calling 1.800.980.8010 or by emailing CSRs@SourceOT.com
    1. Once you select 'Order History / Returns' click the 'Returns' icon.
    2. Once you select the 'Returns' icon, select the order you would like to return.
    3. Next, select the quantity you would like to return, and choose the reason appropriate reason.
  • What if I am not present for my delivery?
    We will contact you and setup a redelivery.

Using Quick Orders

  • What is a Quick Order?
    Quick Orders allow you to enter the items you wish to purchase without having to navigate through the on-line catalog. This speeds up the time it will take to fill your cart with the items you need. You must know the Item Number and Quantity when you fill out the Quick Order form.
  • How do I place a Quick Order?
    1. Access the Quick Order form by clicking on the 'My Account' dropdown and selecting 'Quick Order.'
    2. Fill in the Item Number, Quantity, and Line Comment (optional). Stay on the page to add additional Quick Orders and when you are finished, select 'Add to Cart.'

For Approvers

  • How do I approve an order?
    1. If you have approver capability, you should see how many orders are ready for you to approve once you login next to the 'Approve Orders' tab. You will also have received an email letting you know an order is ready for your approval.
    2. To approve an order, click the 'Approve Orders' tab. Your orders available for approval will be visible on the 'Approve Orders' screen.
    3. Select the order you wish to approve and click the 'Approve Selected Orders' button.
    4. If you wish to change the order you can select the 'Go To Order' button from the Approve Order Details screen.
    5. You will then see the following message. Tip: Prior to changing an order before approval, have your shopping cart clear.
    6. Once you select 'OK' the items will show up in your shopping cart. You can update the order there and checkout as usual to approve the order.
  • I am an Approver, what do I do when I go on vacation?
    1. From the 'My Account' dropdown, select 'Profile.'
    2. Select the check box for 'Out of Office.'
    3. Then, select from the following options in your account to set up out of office dates, select an alternate approver while you are away, or hold orders until you return.
  • How many approvers can our department have?
    You may have up to 2 approvers per department. You can switch from and manage approvers by clicking 'My Account', and 'Profile.'


  • How do I view my Service history?
    1. Select 'Service' from the tabs at the top of the website.
    2. Once you select 'Service' you will be taken to the 'Service Center' page.
    3. Click 'Service History'.
  • How do I request Service?
    1. Click the 'Service' tab at the top of the website.
    2. Once you select 'Service' you will be taken to the 'Service Center' page.
    3. Click 'Service Call'.
    4. You will be taken to the 'Choose Equipment' screen.
    5. Use the fields on the 'Choose Equipment' page to easily search for and find the equipment.
    6. Once you find the equipment you would like to have serviced, you should receive the following:
    7. You will then be prompted to verify the equipment for servicing, location, and contact.
    8. You will also be asked to select the problem and fill out a description before submitting.
  • If I have a print service account, will I be prompted to switch accounts to view the Service Center?
    Yes, if you attempt to access the Service Center from an account that does not contain your service account you will receive the following prompt:


Ordering Business Cards

  • How do I order Business Cards?
    1. From the 'My Account' dropdown, select 'Custom Products'
    2. Next, select 'Custom Printing'
    3. You will see a selection of three custom print items you can order. (Business Card, Appointment Card, Log On Instruction Form). Click on the 'Preview' or 'Create' button next to the item that you need.
    4. Once you make your selection, verify that the address and any other information is selecting, and that the preview looks exactly like you would like it before adding the total to your shopping cart.

For Administrators

  • Can I update customer or contact information?
    1. From the 'My Accounts' dropdown, select 'Customer Information.'
    2. You can also update contact information from the same page by selecting the contact.
    3. Update users from the 'Update User' page once they are selected.
    4. You can also make the user active or inactive.
  • How do I view reports?
    1. From the 'My Accounts' dropdown, select 'View Reports.'
    2. Choose from 'USAGE REPORTS' or 'Accounts Payable.'
    3. If you select 'USAGE REPORTS,' first you will need to select which report you want to view.
    4. Next, select the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' of the report you would like to view.
    5. Once you click 'Submit' you should see the confirmation message.
    6. If you select the 'Accounts Payable' Report, you will need to select the 'Aging Method.'
    7. You can click the 'Printer Friendly Version' button to print a copy of the report.